052 =soothill

052 =soothill
The ten aspects of the bhūtatathatā or reality attained by a bodhisattva during his fifty-two stages of development, cf. 十地 and 十障, each of which is associated with one of these (zh) zhenru:
(1) 遍行真如 the universality of the (zh) zhenru;
(2) 最勝真如 its superiority over all else;
(3) 流真如 its ubiquity;
(4) 無攝受真如 its independence or self-containedness;
(5) 無別真如 subjective indifferentiation;
(6) 無染淨真如 above differences of impurity and purity;
(7) 法無別真如 objective indifferentiation;
(8) 不增減真如 invariable, i.e. can be neither added to nor taken from;
(9) 智自在所依 the basis of all wisdom;
(10) 業自在等所依真如 and all power. The above are the 別教 group from the 唯識論 10. Another group, of the 圓教, is the same as the 十如是 q.v.

Chinese Buddhist terms dictionary (Chinese-English). . 2006.

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